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2019 will be my year!

Blake Pieck is just a pen name.  I’m using one for many reasons.  Blake - because I just love the name, and Pieck - something personal and close to my heart.

Writing has always been part of me, who I am, the soul of my Passion. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been writing. Wanting nothing else to do, than this.

Passion and Goals as a Writer

Writing is a way to release the inner passion within me. I have always been someone who helped others, without thinking of the impact it might have on me or my life or career. Still today with all the negative things, I still do it even though I had to force myself to slow down and look at my life. It has hurt me a great deal of having limits now and with my writings, I hope to light up other’s lives with stories. There is nothing better to help one a great deal and to laugh in downtimes - stories can do that.

This is a place I want to call home and with it expand my limits and the possibilities to help others. Extend my experience with the gift of words.

About My Writing

Writing is a language all on its own. Engineers design materials, structures, machines, and systems. Technicians are a master in their own specific field of work. Writers create worlds, people, emotions, expense, terror, love, romance, entertainment, action, twists, problems and solving them and the list can go on. They say the sky is the limit but a writer even goes beyond that – there are no “rules” no limits. My only limit is my imagination and that can stretch pretty far.


Writing is passion. Freedom of the mind. Freedom of the heart. Freedom of the soul. Inspiration feeds it. The mind creates it. The heart moves it.

I’m fond of writing Fantasy, Medieval, and Sci-Fi genre.

Career in Writing

I’ve completed a few writing courses - and have plenty more on my wishlist.  So far I have the following courses completed:

  • Short Stories For Magazines
  • Writing For The Web
  • Copywriting
  • Write Story Books for Children
  • Write Fiction Books
  • Kindle Gold

Courses I’m currently busy with:

  • The Write Journey
  • Write Romance Fiction


As a writer, and like all writers, it all started with a dream.

Where my writings started

I fell in love with the art of writing back in 2000 when my friend and I started to write short stories just to have a great laugh. Since then, I have written Fan Fiction and Poetry to sharpen my writing skills. In the beginning, before Writing was a big part of my life, back in 2000, I started my first novel – a Children’s book, currently titled “Where The Sun Sets”. However, I didn’t get serious about writing novels until after I fell in love with the next best things. Fantasy and Medieval… Which makes everything else history.

About my poetry

Poetry has always been the food of the soul. The deep passion of the heart even if it does not always hold love or uplifting words. It’s the only place where one can truly say what you feel and be yourself. A place where one can look at the world through my eyes. Or a place where one can deal with sorrow, pain, and sadness. A place for hope and dreams and all other possibilities.